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Since the start of the year, Designer Magazine has made a shift to align it's online content with that of our gigs - hence the featured artists interviews for those who play for us regularly

Now - we're ready for stage number 2 which further bridges the gap and is ALL ABOUT YOU - our wonderful bands and readers!!!

Articles from you about what you love, what you hate, things we might not know about you, tips for bands and more

And a lovely byline with link back to your website or facebook so our readers can find out what the writer's own music sounds like

Literally anything goes pretty much as long as it's not right wing, racist, sexist, homophobic etc

We'd like as many bands / music fans to get involved in writing articles whether you're playing a gig for us or not - but those that play gigs for us it's all useful content to get the word out there. Fresh content is what gets the word out there without spamming people

The carrot - lots and lots of traffic on our website to help publicise you - in fact one of our articles on our website has been read over 580,000 times - wow over half a million

Our readers are really varied bunch and we literally have people coming for interviews with Bill Wyman (Rolling Stones), The Temptations, Gary Numan through to Muse, Scissor Sisters, My Chemical Romance, politics like George Galloway, Tony Benn, Black Panther Party and then pop articles like Jedward or One Direction

As we said anything goes so got a passion, a beef, a love or hate - write an article about it - we'll publish it and you get traffic back to your facebook or website

Have a look on the main website above, but here's a few suggestions for articles

My hero by ...
Why I love ...
Favourite album of all time
Best Live Gig Ever
Bands That Shouldn't Have Split Up
Reviews of bands you've recently played with
Top 10 new bands
Album Reviews
Live Reviews

And of course any music articles / debates on subjects close to your heart

Look at www.designermagazine.org for recent examples from bands you know

It doesn't have to be just music - think



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