Halo are one of the hotly tipped rock bands for 2002 and more importantly they hail from this side of the Atlantic. Formed in Bristol they were involved in a tale of modern day mods versus rockers except this time it was a case of Trip Hoppers vs Rockers. You can catch the band on tour throughout February with glam rockers Rachel Stamp and the single "Cold Light Of Day" is on heavy rotation at MTV2.

Q: You're from Bristol, a town known nationally for its Trip Hop scene. When you played those early gigs did you find it quite hard getting noticed?
A: We didn't really have that because it two different scene's really so the Trip Hop thing was going on at the other side of town really. There's a couple of venues that put on all the local rock bands and were kind of in that scene. It was always kind of like the dance heads verses the rockers.

Nirvana and Rage Against the Machine were really important for us. Myself and Graham, my brother, got our first band together around the whole sort of Seattle scene. You wouldn't believe it but when we first started we were a lot softer really with harmonies....but being our first band we had one little microphone so the harmonies were pretty much impossible anyway.

Q: Listening to the "Still Here" EP and the debut single "Cold Light Of Day" it does seem classic rock in the sense that it has the traditional verse and chorus structure?
A: I guess that's kind of our style really. Graham and I have started doing these little acoustic 4 track recordings which are more musical songs as opposed to a quiet verse and a blasting chorus. The EP is a good indication of the album but it was only recorded in a day so its a lot more live sounding - a think the albums a little more rounded and polished really.

Q: How was it working with Al Clay on the album?
A: He's really easy to work with and he's a total laugh which is the main thing really when you're spending a couple of weeks with people. Before we've been into the studio to record demo's and we've got this vocal sound...when you go in the studio with Al it sounds like you singing but it adds that little bit of depth to it. He gets that really grainy sound which is perfect for us.

Q: The live shows are a major part of the Halo experience aren't they?
A: We did a small tour a few months ago and we had a nightmare with all our equipment breaking down so now we've got everything nailed down live wise. With the album it wasn't really that difficult to get that live sound because Jim, Steve and Graham are good enough to put their parts down in one live take. With the Cooper Temple Clause no one had really heard of us but we got a good response from the audience so hopefully this time there will be a few people down to see us...and then it will grow and grow and grow.

"Cold Light Of Day" out now

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