Heide Berry - Pomegranate (An Anthology)

Although not a well known name (Have you heard of her? Didn't think so). Heidi Berry is none the less a critically acclaimed and highly respected musician. Unfortunately she hasn't sold a lot of albums (her audience is very selective) and the chance of her being playlisted on national radio are very unlikely - its a crying shame!!! Alan McGee, when not ranting about the state of the British Music industry has a canny knack of discovering diverse and innovating artists (you'll have to forgive him for signing The Diggers, after all were all entitled to one mistake), was so impressed with her that he signed here to record the six track debut album "Firefly" way back in 1987.

This compilation comprises tracks from the albums "Love", "Heide Berry", "Below The Waves", "All Virgos Are Mad", "Needle's Eye" and "Miracle". For those of us not familiar with the music of Heidi Berry "Pomegranate" is a wonderful introduction. With 14 tracks and an enhanced video of "Up In The Air" this is an excellent collection of songs. If your idea of folk is imagining an old, over weight, weirdy beardy man in an horrendous jumper singing in a nasal while perched on a stool in a smoky club then think again. Heidi Berry along with Beth Orton and Kate Rusby have brought folk music kicking and screaming into the 21st century for a younger and more appreciative audience.

"Northern Country" is reminiscent of early Tracy Chapman. Its an epic seven minutes sung with passion and feeling. "If you are my true friend, then you will listen" Heide warns us on "The Mountain". She sounds a lot like Julia Fordham and has genuine strength in her songwriting. "Cradle" is atmospheric and brooding like Clannad with a mesmerizing melody with that touch of sadness in the vocals.

Be adventurous and give this album a try. You'll be surprised at how special it is and what a talented woman Heidi Berry is.

Nicholas Paul Godkin