Hell Is For Heroes / The Lucky Nine - Preston Uni - 9.12.03

How's this for a low key indie rock supergroup. Step forward Daniel from A on guitar, Colin from Hundred Reasons (Vocals), Rich from Cable (drums) plus a guy called Ben on guitar. Known collectively as The Lucky Nine. As you can imagine from such a fine pedigree of contemporary rock musicians, the band play an assortment of thrashy metal and hard edged indie tinged rock. With a passion for excessive intensive power the Lucky Nine are a growling and howling butt kicking outfit. The wild hair and mad stare of Colin as he pours his tormented soul into his impassioned no holds barred performance holds the attention of a legion of fans who are transfixed from the very beginning. As a band who have only recently formed they play together with precision and have the tunes as well to make an indelible mark in the confines of their Preston debut. When Colin sings "Swallows The Poison" as the rest of the band whip themselves up into a frenzy, a mass of fans dance themselves into oblivion. As a support band second on the bill after Copperpot Journals, the Lucky Nine played thirty minutes of adrenaline induced, attention grabbing heavy rock. Quite an achievement by anyone's standards.

The main attraction of the evening is obviously the remarkable entity that is Hell Is For Heroes. Their debut album "The Neon Handshake" reached number 16 in the UK Charts and featuring ex-members of Symposium, HIFH's are unstoppable in their quest for success, but it's the live performances where the band really excel in. Diminutive lead singer Justin Schlosberg is like a human duracel battery, on the go constantly, leaping into the crowd, unable to stand still for one solitary minute. The energy and enthusiasm is infectious. With the rest of the band following suit, Hell Is For Heroes are a dynamic band who invest passion and electricity winning over the crowd time and time again. With the exception of b-side "Lose Sight" most of the songs played tonight are off their debut album, each one a triumph over adversity. This is the second date of their tour and if they continue to keep up this high standard fro the remainder of the dates then their fan base will naturally increase by word of mouth alone. Hell Is For Heroes start recording their new album in the New Year so catch them while you can at a venue near you.

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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