Hoggboy have been called Britain's answer to the Strokes so I guess whether you like them depends on whether you like your music rocking or prefer what the UK currently has to offer with Starsailor and Travis. Their debut single "So Young" was produced by Richard Hawley and they hit the UK this week with the Electric Soft Parade. We caught up with frontman Hogg for a quick chat before a Friday Night Session.

Q: Where did the concept of Hogg and Hoggboy come from then?
A: Its my name, Tom Hogg. And when I first started demoing stuff I wasn't sure whether it was going to be a band or just me but backed by other people. I kind of needed a name that would fit both of those things and people had called me Hoggboy in the past and it just seemed to fit really.

Q: You're from Sheffield Sex City. Could you have come from anywhere else?
A: It suits me down to the ground living here because its a really lazy place. And I'm a lazy c**t so it does suit me. I think it suits all of us very well.

Q: What's the motto behind Hoggboy then?
A: I think we all coming from the same place. Were all piss heads and heavy smoker who all drink in the same place and that how we all came together. We all knew each other before hand but they all had the pleasure of bumping into me while I was drunk trying to put a band together. That's how it all started.

Q: Your first few gigs were with the Strokes and the White Stripes weren't they. Do you have more in common with the American bands than the UK acts?
A: We played with the Strokes and The White Stripes reasonably early on last year. There's a few British bands coming though now but I suppose we do. There doesn't seem to be that many British Rock & Roll bands out there.

The same old same old p**sy indie bands have been done before haven't they. Its just a bit boring and drab but that's just my opinion.

Q: The first single "So Young" is 2 and half minutes of punk recorded by Richard Hawley, the new Roy Orbison. Strange or what?
A: That's him man!!! He was a Longpig and in Pulp for a while and we've just done the B-sides for the next single. He's still rocking, he still rocks!!!

We've actually been working on our album with legendary producer Chris Thomas. The albums not too far off being completed, we've recorded 7 tracks and we go back into the studio in March to finish it off. Its proper rock & roll and were definitely not going to go all mature on you.

Q: If you had the choice - a night on town getting wasted or playing a gig. What would you do?
A: Well, you can do both can't you. As long as you don't do an encore you're all right. We did an encore once and we missed last orders so we won't be doing that again!!!

"So Young" is out now on Sobriety
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