Holly Golightly - Truly She Is None Other

For some younger fans Holly Golightly is the gal who appeared on the White Stripes "Elephant" album. For others she simply Holly from the Headcoatees. And there's a number in between who know her as our Holly. "Truly She Is None Other" is Holly's first album in two years, her 11th to date, following a stretch of seemingly endless tours across the US and a number of shows in the UK and Europe. Recorded in studio of the moment, Toerag, to capture that live sound and take advantage of the analogue recording set-up as the White Stripes did so successfully on the aforementioned "Elephant".

The first time I heard "Truly She Is None Other" I just couldn't get it. Sure, it was charming but there was nothing immediate to grab your hand from the skip button. Now I find myself in the middle of an unprecedented heatwave in the UK and it all makes sense. The sun bathes down, the dust blows across the highway and in a old working men's club people still dance like it's 1965. What better soundtrack could you have than Holly Golightly and her effortless blues which you can imagine Enid from Ghost World jumping about to in her bedroom.

Whether it's the torch song "One Neck" or "Time Will Tell", the most upbeat track on the album, it's Holly's voice that hangs everything together. There's an authenticity which bands like The Detroit Cobras and The Bellrays aim for, except with Holly all the songs are her own compositions rather than cover versions. It's hard categorizing an album which is so derivative at the same time as being uniquely Holly Golightly, an album which take you from the lowest low to the highest high and an album which is so raw yet her most commercial release to date.

"Truly She Is None Other" is an album which over time starts to demand more and more of your attention.

Alex McCann

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