Hot Club De Paris - Night & Day Manchester - 26.1.07

Since gracing us with a top ITC display a couple of years back Hot Club De Paris have never quite imposed themselves sufficiently to warrant a second glance, lately though things have firmed up and hot club could be on the brink of stardom, or more likely a minor step above the toilet circuit.

First up tonight though are Slow Club and frankly they’re pretty special. when Regina Spektor or the Guillemots tap random implements it reeks of pretension, yet this duo somehow manage to maintain an elegance through there twee delivery. Imagine the magic numbers with just the fatman and the chubby little backing singer with the tambourine, yes they're quaint but they're brilliantly quaint.

Next up its Dartz who aren’t about to secure any such resonance amongst us, or night and day. They're like a evangelists parable, you know there’s nuggets of goodness tucked away, its just buried knee deep in bullshit.

Once HCDP finally releave us of the thrashing tedium of Dartz theres a communal sigh of relief. There take on the angular tiered vocals is an effortless display. One can only imagine the beatings these boys must have taken at school for their milky limpness, but given a stage and fuelled by pure subversion (we’re only speculating) they shimmer like sequined shorts. Latest single ‘Shipwreck’ isn’t their finest hour, and to be honest their far from their crowning moment, but on the weight of tonight theyre someway to reaching it.

Dan Pratley

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