Hundred Reasons

The band have been knocking a round for a couple of years now but finally Hundred Reasons are reaching their potential. 2001 has been a busy year for the band with support slots with Incubus and Muse to name a few and as an early Christmas present for the fans they head out on a headlining tour throughout December. We caught up with from the band to get the low-down on one of Britain's best new rock bands.

Q: You signed to Sony earlier this year. I guess some people would say you've sold you soul to the devil?
A: I don't understand all that sold out stuff because in Britain unless you sign to a major the biggest you can get is about the size of Rachel Stamp. Rachel Stamp are a great band and everything and I think if they signed to a major they'd be out there doing really massive things.

In America you can be like Fugazi and sell millions and millions of albums, but England is so much smaller so to make a career out of I really do think you have to sign to a major. But people do still put you in the same boat as Fugazi and then say you sold out to a major. It a completely different industry in a way because England is dominated by pop and America you've got a fare go at everything.

Q: Would you agree though that when bands on indie labels sign to the majors they suddenly change their sound to a more marketable one?
A: We did our first single on Fierce Panda and they really looked after us but they understood where we were coming from when we said we wanted to sign to a major. Were not really heavy as in a metal band but were heavy as in energetic and the power...the bleak metal records have been done a million times before so we wanted to do something different. A lot of Colin's lyrics are about chicks...but not in your Craig David stylee with "i had sex Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday" etc...its emotional stuff about falling in love and getting fucked over.

The only way we'd look as if we were selling out is if a company offered us an endorsement or something. And the only way we'd do that is if they offered us something we already wanted...I really wanted Converse trainers but there are rumours they might be going bankrupt!!!

Q: Carrying on with the image theme - Colin's hair????
A: He's heard it all and we rip the piss out of him as much as anyone. Ronald McDonald, Big Bird - he's had them all!!! He looks like the tall lanky Noddy Holder.

Q: It's still mad to think how well rock music is selling over the past couple of year. Do you think its strange when you see these 8 year old kids walking round with rock T-shirts on?
A: I used to get picked on for liking rock music...I came from a rock family and have had long hair since I was about in that respect I don't see it anything different. But my younger sister saw a kid with a Pitchshifter hooded top and asked why they were wearing it - all they could answer was because it looks good!!! So a lot of kids are into it just because its fashionable.

"EP3" is out now
The band tour throughout December

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