Hundred Reasons – Liverpool University - 27.02.02

Where there's will there's a ‘waaarrrgh!’ and its in this fashion that Hundred Reasons take the stage tonight.  Already massive and going to get bigger, there's a moshpit of flailing arms and legs and heads as frontman Colin Doran assembles his Emo troops for a last ditch, solar-plexus directed full on Nirvana rumble to rival your heaviest, most intense Ross Robinson moments.  In terms of passion and commitment this band can't be faulted.

You see, my cooler contemporaries have been bandying this word ‘Emo’ around and I thought they were just talking about the red muppet from Sesame Street.  Emo apparently means ‘emotional’ and also means you have to have a backpack and hair-dye and write poetry and not be able to see your trainers because of the size of your baggy pants.  Not keeping up with the trends could lead you to believe that Hundred Reasons were just another Britrock band in the style of Idlewild, My Vitriol or Feeder, but apparently they are a lot cooler than that.  The spirit of Cobain obviously lives on, although last time I checked Seattle was a lot more depressing and emotional than Surrey.  But Hundred Reasons are obviously on a quest for artistic integrity and the reclamation of rock from the ridiculous.

So, you know, we go full circle sometimes.  Its almost like the MC5.  Big hair and big guitars are the weapons of choice for Hundred Reasons in their battle against the ‘Fred Durst School of Rock’.  Where Durst employs DJs and go-go dancers, Doran doesn't even bother employing a hairdryer and instead jumps and stoops and bawls like a crazed infant in a bungee nightmare.  Which, you know, is what people have paid their hard-earned for.

And all this without actually having a tune to shake a decapitated student at.  Maybe I'm just totally missing the point.

Collen Chandler

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