I Am Kloot - I Am Kloot

The second album from I Am Kloot isn't out until September, but here at Designer Magazine we have an advance copy. It's only two years since their glorious debut yet it seems much longer and I'm genuinely excited at the prospect of hearing these twelve new tracks. Their two singles "Untitled #1" and "Life In A Day" are included and having seen them live last month I recognize a few tracks, but to hear the album it's entirety is both a pleasure and a privilege.

John Bramwell has a keen understanding of the human psyche and his attention to detail on the world around him is spot on. He's a people's poet with a voice rich in experience and sings in his own distinctly northern accent which gives the songs an added honesty and as a result is much more rewarding. As on their debut "Natural History" John is once again joined by Peter Jobson on bass and drummer Andy Hargreaves. "From Your Favourite Sky" is a summery, acoustic strum complete with spanish guitar. Taking on the age old subjects of romance and love, but with Bramwell's unique slant making sure it never sounds clichéd or tired. "Cuckoo" sees the band taking a dip into darker, murkier and more reflective waters. More a natural progression than a change of direction this track is direct and quite rocky for IAK. Lyrically Bramwell's sardonic sense of humour is expressed delightfully when he delivers the line "looks like a saint, drinks like a scholar". The meandering, slow, Beatlesque "Mermaids" is incredibly low key, but performed with such grace and majesty that you can appreciate just something so sparse and simple can move you to such an extent that music has the potential to.

If I had to choose the bands third single it would have to be "3 Feet Tall" which has a mischievous sense of fun about it. The percussion is perfectly played, matched only by some nifty slide guitar. I'd love to see I Am Kloot on Top Of The Pops with this song as it surely deserves to be a chart smash. This album is definitely a grower with ambition, imagination and real character. If you liked their debut, then there's plenty to appreciate here.

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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