I Am Kloot - Manchester MDH - 24.10.01

This has undoubtedly been a brilliant and successful year fro I Am Kloot. They've not only supported the Webb Brothers and The Divine Comedy, but were easily the highlight of the Priory TV Series when they appeared for their TV debut. On the subject of debuts, their debut album "Natural History" produced by Elbow's Guy Garvey was met by critical acclaim and is by far my personal favourite album of the year.

John Harold Arnold Bramwell has in front of him a captive audience. He remains calm. Not an easy task at his home town headlining with his two bandmates Andy Hargreaves (drums) and Peter Jobson (bass) collectively known as I AM KLOOT. Bear also in mind that his parents, sister and best friends are also in the audience...the pressure is really on. Taking in their stride as self-proclaimed "semi-professionals" we are entertained with the mellow "Bigger Wheels" and mesmerized by the lyrical diversity of "Twist's" chorus' - you know, the one that goes "There's blood on your legs, I love you" and is sung with so much feeling and energy. They may be an acoustic trio but don't you dare label them as part of the so called Nu-acoustic movement - they're original, fresh and exciting and deserve recognition in their own right. They are concerned with only one thing which is writing witty, melodic memorable songs and performing them with a passion

Teasing us and wetting our appetite for the second album they perform two new songs. "Favourite Sky" is almost a flamenco styled ballad and will be the Summer anthem at next years festivals. "Living Host" is the bands funkiest and catchiest moment to date. Roll on album number two if this is anything to go by. With confidence, clarity and class the guys have never sounded better.  Everyone can go home tonight knowing that they have seen something special and the memory will last long after the house lights have come on and the band have left the stage.

Nicholas Paul Godkin