I Am Kloot - Manchester Academy 3 - 5.6.03

If you saw Turin Brakes on their last tour, you'll no doubt have seen I Am Kloot blowing them away on the support slot. Unfairly included in the so call Nu Acoustic movement I Am Kloot are a band impossible to label. Yes, they are semi-acoustic, but the music is hardly of the folky introspective, muso chin stroking variety. Tonight playing to their home crowd as part of a low key tour to promote new single "Life In A Day". This isn't your typical rock gig. Instead of a support band, I Am Kloot have decided to treat us all to a modern vaudeville show with a punk poet and an alternative dance troupe who are kinda like a tongue in cheek Pan's People.

When the band finally decided to grace us with their presence they appear to be just a tad lethargic. Considering this is the final date of their tour it's hardly surprising. Undoubtedly proud of their new material the band confidently launch into the bluesy hard edged sonic attack of "This House Is Haunted". "Tourist" from their debut album received cheers of recognition from the boisterous rabble rousing crowd and even turns into a bit of a singalong. Hearing hundreds of people bellowing the lyric "There's blood on your legs, I Love you" isn't something you'd ever forget. "Strange Arrangement Of Colours" is slightly more reflective, a slower pace than usual but a welcome change of direction and is followed by another newie in "From Your Favourite Sky".

A member of local Manchester boys Indigo Jones joins the band on stage for their catchiest moment on "Three Foot Tall". Next Johnny stands alone with only a guitar and microphone for company as he sings his heart out on "Not A Reasonable Man". The biggest surprise comes with the appearance of Elbow's Guy Garvey providing backing vocals on "To You" with the two vocals melting into each other.

With the aforementioned new single charming the crowd I Am Kloot are firing on all cylinders mixing the set with exciting new tunes and the old favourites we all know and love. I for one won't fail to catch I Am Kloot when they play The Ritz in October 7th in Manchester. By then their second album will have been released and the new songs will be like long lost friends. See you down the front echoing the poetry of Johnny Dangerously

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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