Imogen Heap - Speak For Yourself

Love it or hate it, you've got to admit one thing about teen drama The OC is that the soundtrack has featured some of the best music to be heard on a TV program for a very long time. Imogen Heap had her track "Hide And Seak" played on the show, Zach Braff has also used the same song for his new film "The Last Kiss". In fact Imogen Heap is on of the few British artists to
break American having hit 100,000 over the counter sales, she's appeared on both The David Letterman Show and The Carson Daily Show. Her recent UK tour was a huge sell-out and this re-release of the album (the album was originally an independent release before being picked up by a major) should see her break through to a more mainstream audience in her own country. Written and produced by her good self. The booklet inside the CD case is lovingly crafted as the songs themselves with striking photographs and all the lyrics included.

"Have You Got It In You" is naturally atmospheric with synths, strings and strong percussion. Embracing new technology on this contemporary sounding track, Imogen's vocals have a hint of folkiness with a touch of melancholy over the proceedings. "Daylight Robbery" with it's heavy rock guitars and proficient poppy dynamics is oddly reminiscent of Republica. Upbeat and great potential as a future single she shows off her impressive range as a vocalist with aplomb, a true original songwriter.

"The Walk" has unusual, undisclosed sound effects with a drum machine and piano. This could easily be Fiona Apple which is of course no bad thing. The chorus is infectious with words referring to a breakdown of communication as regards to a disintegrating relationship. More sparse and stripped down is the final song on the album, "The Moment I Said It", which puts you in mind of the kooky Tori Amos with the vocal and piano intertwining.

"Speak For Yourself" is an innovative, sparking and highly enjoyable collection of songs. From the OC to the UK, Imogen Heap is on her way.

Nicholas Paul Godkin
Photos: Kirsty Umback

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