Looking at their cherubic "Rugrats gone rock" faces you'd think they didn't have a care in the world - Think Again!!! InMe ply their trade of angst ridden rock with such intent that they were nominated for the Best New Band at the Kerrang Awards before even releasing an album, have notched up a Top 30 hit with "Crushed Like Fruit" and this week set to storm the album charts with their debut album "Overgrown Eden". We caught up with Simon and got inside InMe.

Q: They say that to know where a persons going, you have to find out where they've been. So as a way of getting inside InMe could you tell us your first musical memories?
I guess I started playing when I was about 11 really and my older brother was getting me into the likes of Terrorvision, Rage Against The Machine and Radiohead - all the obvious ones really. But it was Rage and Nirvana that really made me pick up the drumsticks really.

The rock scene has just exploded over the past few years and even though were still fairly young I can remember the days when the charts literally meant pure pop music. Especially now with all the British Rock Bands like Hell Is For Heroes, Hundred Reasons and Kinesis. It does feel like a movement in a sense that there's just all these brand new young British bands that have just came from nowhere and they're covering Kerrang TV and stuff.

Q: I guess coming from England you've always looked up to the American bands. And now British Rock Fans have got their own bands to look up to. Do you think it will keep flowing?
A: Hopefully it will bring more people that aren't in bands into bands and stuff. If people can see there's a band from their local town making it in some way then hopefully this resurgence of British Rock will bring a lot more and keep it flowing.

Q: Were calling you a new band here, but you've actually had the debut album in the can for a while now. Could you tell us a little about it?
A: We finished the album at the start of last year after about 4 months in the studio. We recorded it with a guy called Colin Richardson whose worked with One Minute Silence, Machine Head and Fear Factory so we knew from the beginning we were going to get this heavy sounding album which is what we wanted.

It's just been a really weird year because we've been on the road constantly spending all this time away from your family and friends. And because are family and friends are so supportive of us it's great we've got these lucky people around us that don't mind it and say go away and do the best you can.

Q: Carrying on this theme of Old Skool Vs New School rock. Tell us about the Brian May incident?
A: We were down at the Kerrang Awards last year because we'd been nominated for a the Best New Band category. We didn't expect to win it because every band in their had an album out apart from us and Hell Is For Heroes, but we went along it was good fun and we got really drunk. So i'm in the toilet and Brian May walks in and I was just so tempted to go up to and take the piss out of his hair, but someone whispered in my ear that if I say anything he'll punch me!!!


"Overgrown Eden" is out now on Music For Nations
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