Inme - Manchester Academy 3 - 17.9.07

After hard times of uncertainty, progressive metallers, Inme, return to the limelight with an impressive show that proves that they there’s life left in them yet. Having lost original bassist, Joe Morgan and been dropped from their label, the remaining members were hard pressed to find apt new bassist, Greg McPherson and  be signed once more (no easy task anyone who‘s been there will tell you!), but Inme have laughed in adversity’s face and continued successfully to do that which they love best…

The band tear into their set, showcasing a great deal of material from their anticipated release, “Daydream Anonymous”,  in all its furious glory. Their new sound is much heavier and more technical than previous offerings with frenzied hardcore moments and sweet vocal melodies to juxtapose a la Fall of Troy. Frontman, Dave McPherson, works overtime on stage and captures oceans of sonic colour as he taps out flitty embellishments, pinch harmonics and chugging riffage, all the while bellowing out his difficult, octave conquering vocals and stopping only for a little crowd participation, flirting with the girls down the front.

The set is operatic in places, brutal in places and mostly relentless but does feel as though it is dying out towards the end as the band seem to have cashed in all their oomph on earlier tracks and chosen to wind down with more mellow album tracks where variety or perhaps some of the classic singles that have been strangely omitted, may have been a wiser choice. They do manage to redeem themselves with penultimate track and debut single, “Underdose”, which visibly pleases the crowd as they all trample each other from wall to wall in a cataclysmic wave.

The ethereal and atmospheric interludes that are something of a trademark for this band are still ever present as well as the skilfully delivered but seemingly meaningless lyrics, which do taint the band a little but not so far as to say that tonight wasn’t a damn fine performance (structuring aside) that sets in stone Inme’s worth in the scene.

Words: Ben Herbert
Photos: Mark Forrer- 

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