(El Policia - one of the highlights of Catch In The City)
In The City 2007

Last years In The City was a bit mad for Designer Magazine....and 2007 looks to be even busier

If you recap this time last year we did our ITC Preview show based on the idea of the Edinburgh Festival preview. It was a risk we were prepared to take and looking back putting on the Tigerpicks debut gig and watch them sign to Deltasonic less than four weeks later was a massive achievement. Also on the bill were Dear Eskiimo who most  of you will now know as The Ting Tings, and Shepherds Pi whose lead singer Rupert Hill is in rehearsals with members of Liam Frosts band

This year as you can see from the listings below we've gone bigger and better and team up with fellow Manchester promoters Speechless With Sound and VMan Events for Catch In The City - nearly 200 bands across 7 venues showcasing the very best of Manchester and beyond....and in keeping with Designer Magazine's backing of All Ages gigs we've made the Music Box gig on Sunday 21st Oct a 14+ gig so some younger music fans can check out what ITC is all about!!!!

Who should you see? Well as much as you can really - we'd advise you to check out www.myspace.com/catchinthecity and check out all the bands myspaces in the search for brand new music because every single band we've booked is well worth you checking out.

Highlights for us include Twisted Wheel, Carlis Star, Orphan Boy and El Policia all of which you cant have missed with Radio 1 and NME backing them for the past few months.....Doug Walker returns for a Manchester gig after receiving the backing of Chris Moyles and is currently out on tour with Amy McDonald in Scotland - by the time he plays for us we expect him to have a smash hit single with "The Mystery".....Gasperilla play their biggest gig to date after supporting The Gossip and The Horrors this summer.

Also making names for themselves are The Honeymoon Suite who are tipped to do what the Maple State have been and make Manchester's predominant indie scene look for something a little heavier. Elsewhere The Boy Majors, The Underclass, The Drainpipes and The Naughtys have been ripping up indie dancefloors across manchester and beyond

If you're looking for really really fresh bands the likes of Circus Electric, Shanty Town and The Sticks have only played a handful of gigs between them and we'd well advise you seeing these bands to say you were there at the beginning

Its not just about Manchester bands as well as we have the likes of Palladium, Brigade, the Tommys, The Research, Buck Brothers, Love Minus Zero (ex-Babyshambles) and Bombay Bicyle Club playing across various venues.

As with every year at In The City its about the musical surprises that you find in the weekend itself. Those times where there's half an hour to grab a pint and see a new band which turns out to be sheer pleasure.

Catch In The City LISTINGS 2007
VmanEvents, Speechlesswithsound and Designer Magazine present…

CATCH In The City – 200 bands : 7 venues : 4 days.


Full weekend, and day tickets available from www.seetickets.com, 0161-832-1111

DRY BAR 28 Oldham St, Manchester, M1 1JN)

FRIDAY 19th OCTOBER 2007 : The Research + Carjack Mallone + Deadwasps + Gasperilla + Virtuoso + The Drain Pipes + The Score + Shanty Town + The Benz + Phil Higgins + The Full Girth Explosion + Frog Pilot + Chauffeur Driven Aviators + The Jade Assembly + Fruition + Out From Animals. £6adv, 7pm.

SATURDAY 20th OCTOBER 2007 : The Deadbeats + Twisted Wheel + King Henry + The Virgin Mary's + Downtown Rag + The Tommys + Smith6079 + Our Fold + Catch Orion + Carlis Star + Bye Bye Johnny + Doug Walker + Orphan Boy + The Gekko + Rag Doll Girl + I.E + Audio Pimp + Nancy Black + Star 27 + King Pest + Rook and the Ravens + The Honeymoon Suite + Subrosa Tryst +The Cut + The Penny Blacks + The Vortex + Julian Donkey Boy + The Silent Parade + The Nuns + Giddy + A Life In Film + The Broadcast. £6adv, 2pm.

SUNDAY 21st OCTOBER 2007 : Granby Row + The Manyanas + Brigade + The Cassettes + Reemer + Buck Brothers + Palladium + The Boy Majors + Saving Grace + Dear Superstar + The Jessie Rose Trip + Ryna + We See Foxes + Damien Mercer + Silverchild + Free Runner + Feast of Fools + The Foxes + Belisha + Six Nation State + The Idles + Ardent Jon + The Lurios + The Parlatones + Rubikai + Kick Me In The + The Reverend Coyote+ The Airstrip One. £6adv, 2pm.

MONDAY 22nd OCTOBER 2007 : The Volantes + Circus Electric + Bluebird Kid Clark + Up-Lift + Tigers That Talked + Sandbox + This is My Lawnmower + The LiveWires + Hey Bulldog + The Sound Of Super String + Foster Kids + My Device + The Merge. £6adv, 7pm.

RUBY LOUNGE (28-34 High Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester, M4 1QB)

FRIDAY 19th OCTOBER 2007 : Deaf to the Ghost + Mr Lizard + King Kayak + Interuptions. £6adv, 7pm.

SATURDAY 20th OCTOBER 2007 : Hiatus + Epiphany + Smiling Ivy + To The Bones + Musa House Band + Die Tomorrow + Apes Fight Back + ICON + Dirty Soul Club. £6adv, 2pm.

MONDAY 22nd OCTOBER 2007 : The Albany Throws + Lost Lines + Harrington + Catch Riley + Cyril Sneer + Wooden. £6adv, 7pm.

RETRO BAR (78 Sackville Street, Manchester, M1 3NJ)

SUNDAY 21st OCTOBER 2007 : Blue and Snake + Remain + The Vehicle Field + Trait + Ichi The Killer + Killians Red + Fury Uk + Throttle Metal + Sideshow Lost + False Image. £5adv, 2pm.

AQUA BAR (19 Albion Street, Manchester. City:, Manchester. Postcode:, M1 5LN)

FRIDAY 19th OCTOBER 2007 : Elavi + MM2 + Ill Memba + Lazy Fader + The Jackpot Golden Boys + Myth of Unity + Little Avis. £5adv, 7pm.

MONDAY 22nd OCTOBER 2007 : Trojan Horse + Ocean State + Machine Made Man + Pylon Less Wires + The Smoke Stacks. £5adv, 7pm.

JABEZ CLEGG (Portsmouth St, Manchester, M13 9GB)

SUNDAY 21st OCTOBER 2007 : Lucky Star + Drake Equation + The Cordels + Cookie Cutter + Resist + Breakdown + Sirkus Saigon + Flyer + Donna Marie + OtherSide of Sound + Blindride + The Klappers + All the Kings Men + The Gnome Genome + The Great Fury + Home Made Memory + Real!Lies + Delayed Promise + Little Engine + Silhouette Behind the Gun + Vile Vile Creatures + Snowblind. £5adv, 2pm.

MONDAY 22nd OCTOBER : Kni9hts + The Next Phase + The Revolvers + Got Got Need + Modern World History + Danny Mahon + Shot By A Pistol Slug + John Dorr + Liam.1987 +Stefan Pope + The Barh. £5adv, 7pm.

MUSIC BOX (65 Oxford St, Manchester, M1 6FQ)   - 14+ GIG

SUNDAY 21st OCTOBER 2007 : Bombay Bicycle Club + The Paris Riots + International One + Beats Phatree + El Policia + The Vipers + The White Company + The Words + The Sticks. £6adv, 2pm.

REVOLUTION (Deansgate Locks, Manchester, M1 5LH)

SUNDAY 21st OCTOBER 2007 : The Underclass + Love Minus Zero + The Debretts + Roma + The Naughtys + Psychic Psurgens + Steller + The Amber Club + Little Volcanoes + Echoes + The 1000 Cuts + The Chase + The Replicants +New Antics+ The Tides + The Headliners + Bashphelt + Them Next Door + The Fears + The Arcadian Kicks + Astroband + The Fayre + Freed + Amongst The Russians + The 100 Club. £6adv, 2pm.


The ITC unsigned list has just been announced and it will take a few days to check each and every band out, but initial impressions indicate a move away from local Manchester bands. Unless someone wants to correct us and im sure there may be a couple we've failed to spot there's only 3 Manchester bands in Little Engine, Twisted Wheel and Tim And Sams Tim And The Sam band with Tim and Sam

Of the other bands we'd recommend you check out The Slips (the next Daft Punk), Freerunner (quality indie pop), Sky Larkin (posher than Sophie Ellis-Bextor but not as good as the Audience), The Alones (definately ones for fans of early Oasis) and Riff Raff (if its the one we think it is raps over Editors, Bloc Party and the like)
Alan Pownall
Amy Crowther
An Orange End
Blind Archery Club
Code Pie, Cohesion
Colum Regan
Connan & The Mockasins
Dirty Circus
Ed Laurie
Elle S'Appelle
Eugene Francis Junior & The Juniors
Fiona Bevan
Fourteen Corners
James Yuill
Little Engine
Look See Proof
Model Radio
Noah & The Whale
OK Tokyo
Paul Marshall
Riff Raff
Rosie Taylor Project
Sam Isaac
Sky Larkin
The Alones
The Author
The Dodoz
The Flaws

The Joy Vegas
The Moths!
The Naturals
The Nut Bros
The Officers
The Old Romantic Killer Band
The Slips
The Sugars
The Sylvias
The Winchell Riots
Tim and Sam's Tim and the Sam Band with Tim and Sam
Swedish for Beginners
Tom Hatred & The Angry Band
Twisted Wheel


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