Incubus / 100 Reasons - Manchester Academy - 8.6.01

The gig sold out within weeks and still I can't see what all the fuss is about. I really can't see anything screaming out for my attention. Those things that make you fall in love with a band rather than thinking "They've got a few nice tunes". However I must remain impartial and give them a fair trial.

First up though are one of Britain's promising young rock acts, 100 Reasons. If I had my way then these guys would be top of the bill rocking the house to 2000 punters but as history would teach us well British Rock Acts just don't sell the same as Americans. Maybe its that taste of the exotics, having a bite of the American Dream - it will almost sound better coming from New York rather than Newcastle or from California rather than Colchester. Fresh from signing with Sony it seems like the band might just get the recognition they deserve. After seeing them on 2 occasions previously they seem to be going from strength to strength and when golden oldies such as "Cerebra" are aired the crowd go wild.  They may be baring their tortured souls but with singer Colin resembling Sesame Streets Big Bird you can't help but laugh - 100 Reasons to laugh and them some.

Incubus on the other hand gather together all that is bad about rock music past and present and rehash it for the masses. With a sound that can only be described as Pearl jam without the tunes you get the general idea. You get the feeling that most of the females (and maybe some of the guys) in the audience have simply come to see rock heart-throb vocalist Brandon strut his stuff. Fair enough, he's a good looking guy in that Dawsons Creek / Young Americans vaguely grungey looking type of way, but you just wish they had the tunes to go with the visual stimulation.

The one member you really have to feel sorry for is DJ Kilmore - without a shadow of a doubt the bands most talented member. "Battlestar Scralatchtica" is one of "Make Yourself" better moments and real shame he's just pushed into the background. You only hope that during the current package tour of America that he can mix it up with Moby and Outkast and find a group of people who recognize his talent rather than parading him as spare part.

A didgeredoo and tribal drum later and they're gone. I for one won't be waiting for their return and lets just hope the British public can see through the hype.

Alex McCann