Iron Maiden - Dance Of Death

Like AC/DC, Iron Maiden are a heavy metal band who have stood the test of time and have never gone out of fashion. Still after all these years they can sell out arenas across Europe. What I love about Maiden is the fact that they're comfortable enough with their own sound and aren't tempted to bring in drum machines, sequencers or DJ's in a desperate ploy to ingratiate younger fans. As a band they've obviously evolved, but not to the extent where fans could feel excluded or alienated.

"Dance Of Death" was produced by Kevin Shirley with Bruce Dickinson at the helm, the legacy lives on. "Rainmaker" is a typically classic Maiden track with Dickinson's trademark roaring voice soaring in the way we've become accustomed to. If a little bit more subtle than usual, the guitars are as wondrous as ever with riffs the Darkness have spent their entire career trying ,but ultimately failing, to emulate. Leave it to the experts is what I say. The lyrics are as over the top as usual with a healthy dose of self depreciating humour, but with intelligence and imaginative flair for detail. Goths across the world will have no choice but to smile when they hear "No More Lies". Don't be fooled by the sophisticated strings and low key intro because you won't have to wait very long for the pedal to hit the metal. "There's nothing you can hide from" sings Bruce and who are we, just mere mortals to argue. This track could be a masterclass in guitar solos and while it may sound not unlike Big Country it's refreshingly old school. The Who sounding "Gates Of Tomorrow" has a great live feel, but recalls the more retro rock sounds of the 1980s. "Age Of Innocence" is a social commentary on the futility of our human existence and this mid tempo rock n roll romp strains Bruce's vocal to the very limits.

"Dance Of Death" is typical Iron Maiden right down to the albums artwork which documents all kind of unsavoury demonic activity. Iron Maiden can sure show those young whipper snappers Funeral For A Friend and InMe a thing or two about the crazy world of metal and all who inhabit it. The European leg of their tour starts in October, if you're a fans it's a opportunity not to be missed

Nicholas Paul Godkin