Isobel Heyworth - Close Your Eyes

Having created an album that contains her tranquil sound without a blip on a budget far less than that of a Channel 5 documentary, the charming and soulful North West songstress; Isobel Heyworth giggles in the face of the merciless cash happy music purveyors out there today. The album title is a wise instruction to follow upon listening to the second track; ‘Falling Through The Cracks’, as it possesses enough depth to float you away. The full band’s comforting and strolling guitar led accompaniment punctuates the stirringly warm Carole King and Joni Mitchell type vocals, exposing the folly of cheap words when it comes to heartfelt emotions.

The album is a compelling mixture of bold full band offerings like the throbbing pop styled ‘Rio’, as well as intimate and personal acoustic driven numbers like the battle hardened ‘I Am Worn’ and the stirring ‘Lilac Time’. The latter offering displays Isobel’s poetic nature, with her vocals rising up a notch to exclaim the points made about planning a perfect rendezvous with the object of your heart’s desire. The poetry in motion continues into ‘Just For You’ that oozes positive vibes and comfort.  Isobel has passed the test of defying financial gravity to serenade us with refinement and soulfulness, the test is now with music lovers out there to burrow through the hype and falseness to locate it.

David Adair

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