Jack Penate - 53 Degrees Preston - 29.3.07

Twenty two years old Londoner Jack Penate has had the pleasure of the Zane Lowe approval. The Antipodean DJ gave Penate single of the week late last year and was also included on MTV's Spanking Brand New list. With the appearance of a nomad, minstrel and student all rolled into one, his chubby face, chequered shirt and his easy going charm endear him to the young fans at the front who gave at him lovingly throughout the gig. He's joined by just a bass player and drummer giving the music a very stripped down sound, raw, immediate and beautifully simple.

Penate comments that the last time he played at the venue, there were only about twelve people watching, a far cry from tonight's performance where fans have flocked in droves to see him play. He admits to feeling a little worse for wear as last night he was enjoying himself perhaps a little too much in Nottingham. You'd never for a moment think so though as his crazy rock'n'roll dancing during the guitar solos is as energetic as ever, like an indie hybrid of James Dean Bradfield and the ostentatious theatrics of Chuck Berry. Like Vincent Vincent And The Villains, Jack Penate has a love of old school rockabilly music, but also takes in ska and the occasional foray into White Stripes-esque blues.

Perhaps spending so much time with fellow musicians and dear friend Jamie T has rubbed off on Jack as he shares with the Wimbledon warbler a romantic poetic lyric to which he transforms the mundane into something special and rather wondrous. He sings about shooting stars and about somebody still being his favourite, the sentimental, yet truthful troubadour he is.

Jack unusually asks if there are any caves in Preston. Not surprisingly there aren't but Hack plans on exploring some on his day off on Sunday in London. Hey it's a much more original idea then staggering out of the met bar to awaiting paparazzi.

The short but sweet set culminates in the single that caused all this fuss in the first place. The rock'n'roll blast that is "Second Minute or Hour". The fans enjoy this immensely as of course do Designer Magazine who have enjoyed a sprightly half hour of Jack Penate and chums

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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