Jackie O - Between Worlds Of Whores And Gods

Anyone who has seen Jackie O at one of their many gigs will know what an exciting live band they are. Once seen, never forgotten. With that thought firmly established can this ferocious four piece retain the atmosphere, excitement and unpredictability of their live shows?

As a recorded document of their work so far it shows a band with a great deal of potential. "Sister Love" benefits from an unfussy low-key production with Stooges style guitars and an authentic punky sound. It's a good indication of the live quality Jackie O have with the type of track that would nestle very comfortably as a session on Zane Lowe. "Silver Low Rider" has an awesome Screamin Jay Hawkins type delivery on a song which has rock'n'roll histrionics in a sinister way. A sense of dread is purveyed by a bass line and 50s guitar licks is truly decadent. "Plastic Black Jesus" yet more debauched rock and while the lyrics are hard to decipher there's an overt anger screaming through. It's a track of epic proportions even if there isn't much of a tune to speak of.

"Burnt Tyre Rubber & Sun" is more of the same (there's not much variety on the album) with an unusual vocal, crashing drums and a pounding bass. It meanders towards the end though. Fans of rock, punk and thrashy guitars could do a lot worse than invest in a copy of Jackie O's "Between Worlds Of Whores and Gods"

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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