Jemima Price

When we spoke to Jemima last year she was just about to release the debut single. Since then there's been an album, various live shows in the Capital and now there's a stripped down version of Blondie's "Denis". Numerous articles have compared her style to Dido and Kate Bush although as we said in our album review the closest description is "stories set to music". Read on about this years finest female solo artist.

Q: Which version of "Denis" were you into - The Blondie one or the original?
A: I heard the Blondie one. It all came about quite bizarrely, it wasn't premeditated in anyway. Another guy at the record company is doing  a tribute album for the CGBG's (used to be a club in New York where Blondie once played) and as a favour he asked me to come down and do the Blondie one.

The video's kind of dark and spooky. If you haven't seen it, its bizarre to say the least!!!! I'd done the video for "Dandelion" before so this time I was more prepared. Doing a video for the first time and having to mime in the middle a field is so bizarre. What am I doing here?

I had to get quite intimate with guy who played the dummy or Denis. It was like "Hi, nice to meet you. Do you want to come and roll about on the bed with me". I think he was a bit nervous first of all and I guess I was too. But i went to drama school so i've done lots of silly things and got to know people a lot quicker than you would normally in life.

Q: Weren't you supposed to be touring America last year?
A: It was supposed to be a whole tour - East to West coast. It was just amazing, a dream come true, and it was pulled about 4 days before we were supposed to go. It was one of the most gutting moments in my life just listening to that phone call.

In reality, looking back, it was a good thing in a way because the band or the sound certainly wasn't as formed and secure as it is now. I think its only recently that i've found my way cos' I 've always had the difficulty because of the production on the album - just how do you re-create that live!!!

Q: Do you find it quite strange being compared to Dido who's only had one album out as well?
A: I think you always get the comparisons that kick in straight away because you're not the girlie band thing. I think whatever thing you're similar to people have to pigeon hole you the whole time. But if i'm really honest I haven't heard Dido's album - about the only thing i've heard is that chorus on the Eminem song. From what I've been told its a lot more floaty and folky like Enya.

Q: Are you working on the second album yet?
A: Being on an independent record label its always a case of finding the right time. The debut was released in March although it was recorded months before and in a way I believe it happened for a reason. With the emergence of Dido and David Gray I think hopefully its going back to live music as opposed to pre-fabricated boy & girl bands.

I doing 2 new ones on the Kashmir gigs so hopefully the record company will like the direction I'm taking. Its a similar style but I think its more defined. The first album is eclectic in styles. Its the first attempt and every creative juice is pouring out and its all sort of bubbling away. I think if you progress and do more albums you obviously get more defined as an artist.

There still very lyrical orientated songs again - "my stories set to music" is probably the best description. I can't seem to get away from that but I'm trying to have a bit more of a commercial head on yet.

"Denis" is out now