Jennifer Lopez - Rebirth

It's easy to get distracted by an image when it's rammed down your throat 24/7. Before listening to "Rebirth" there was an image of what J Lo would be like if she'd grown up in England rather than being Jenny from the block. It's not hard to imagine here as this tragic Colleen Rooney or fading reality TV celebrity desperately trying to cling on to the little bit of fame she'd achieved. That's England for you and these sort of "famous for nothing" IT girls are treated with the contempt they deserve. In America, the land of the free, J Lo can follow her dreams and she's done so being an average actress, an average singer and a great business mind which has glossed over the cracks. What we get with "Rebirth" is an average singer with an astonishing collection of great songs.

"Get Right" with it's looped horn sample could come straight from a James Brown classic before the 4/4 beat comes in and turns it into a contemporary club banger. "Whatever You Wanna Do" fuses traditional Latino and bollywood flavours on a slick ballad which almost mirrors the melody of her classic early single "Waiting For Tonight". "I Love" mixes up nursery rhymes to syncopated beats with guest rapper du jour Fat Joe making a guest spot. On the fourth track "He'll Be Back" she brings back the funk with a track which is the second cousin removed of "Get Right". "Focus" and "I've Got You" are the two pure pop tracks on the album.

"Rebirth" is an album which stands above most of the competition and produced by Rodney Jerkins, Timbaland and Big Boi as well as long term collaborator Corey Rooney it's easy to see why. Despite the mix of producers though everything J Lo touches still sounds like J Lo whether it's a soaring ballad or club banger.

Alex McCann

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