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Jimmy Eat World have been touted as many things from a thinking mans Blink 182 to that terrible media phrase "emo-core". We caught up with lead singer Jim Adkins to find out how they changed throughout the years and how getting dropped by their previous label Capitol just made them stronger and more determined. Read our short introduction to Jimmy Eat World below.

Q: The "Jimmy Eat World" album has been really well received over here in the the UK. Unbelievably its your fourth album. How does it feel to have this critical acclaim and commercial success?
A: I mean we don't really expect anything, but it is going really well. We recorded TOTP last week and to be honest I've never heard of it before - i think its probably the UK equivalent of playing Saturday Night live. So when you look at it that way it really is pretty special. People need their rock and maybe electronic music has come into it a bit, but rock music has always been around and its not going anywhere!!!

Q: Recording this album must have been a really difficult process. I believe just before you went into the studio you got dropped by your label didn't you?
A: In a way it wasn't really that hard an adjustment because we'd always been left alone making records. The label didn't take too keen an interest to see how we were doing so....I mean we've made all our records on our own, but this time we had to pay for it to.

We saw it as just an incredible opportunity. We weren't happy at all with the situation at Capitol and we've got some really hard-core fans so we had to do it. They do say whatever kills you makes you stronger.

Q: I believe the sound has changed over the years. "Jimmy Eat World" is supposed to be a lot more guitar pop than the previous three albums. Was that a conscious decision?
A: No, we didn't go into the studio thinking we've got to make a pop record. The songs just kind of lent themselves to a more straightforward production. I think people associate simpler songs with the traditional definition of pop songs so I guess I can see how people would think that.


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