Johnny Vegas

Johnny Vegas us one of those true comedy legends of recent years and in many ways its the success of comedians like Vegas that have lead to the first North West Comedy Award show. Once he'd escaped being mobbed by the hoards at the event, Designer Magazine caught up with Johnny to talk briefly about the new Dave Spikey comedy Dead Man Weds, which he stars in, and also the forthcoming show I Deal which features a stella cast of young acting talent from Manchester

Q: You've been filming Dead Man Weds today. Tell us more?
A: It's the new Dave Spikey comedy set in a regional newspaper. We all have days where we can't pronounce things or give it the emotion it deserves. We had a bloke who had to say "Your mam stinks off piss" and he kept going (adapts really cheerful voice) "You mum stinks of piss"...zygot, just print that in big letters. Whatever you write about just put Zygots and you'll know when you see it. It took us 3 hours to do the one scene.

Q: So is tonight fuelling inspiration for the TV show or is it a bit classy?
A: Not something about this. This is something else. They look outside the windows of their apartment in town and they realize they're not living in a terrace anymore. And they've got pictures of their cocks. This is a room full of dreamers, dreamers who like to go to London for a day.

Q: Is it about time comedy was brought back up north?
A: It's never left really. It's just the idea that when it's transferred to TV there's this idea that it has to be made in London. But we've got everything up here and if you've got comics who are gifted because of where they're from you shouldn't drag them away from that natural resource.

I'd say we should do comedies in a way that builds up stereotypes of London the way they build up stereotypes about us. But Eastender's does a brilliant job doesn't it. Whenever they introduce a northern character in Eastender's he has sex with whoever is looking after the Vic because she's emotionally week and then he leaves. It looks like we have no sense of commitment. It sickens me.

Q: And before Dead Man Weds we've got I Deal.
A: It's on screen around January. We just hope it doesn't get stupid negative comments about it being a comedy about drugs. It's not a comedy about drugs, he's a dealer and it's not like laugh a minute look i'm stoned.

Q: It's got a relatively unknown but talent cast involved hasn't it. Tell us about a few of the actors and actresses involved
A: You know when they say Hollywood might sit up and take notice. With Kate McCann they'll do more than sit up and notice. They'll relocate. She was an inspiration to us all.

Words: Alex McCann
Photos: Shirlaine Forrest

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