Josh Pyke - Feeding The Wolves

This Australian hybrid of Simon & Garfunkel and David Bridie, who has been plying his trade under the guise of Night Hour, bursts into the limelight with this heart-on-sleeve seven track sojourn.  The deft backing band (i.e. mainly Pyke himself) weaves a dreamy wand to set up ‘Private Education’, for the wistful voice of Pyke to ride over with unashamed the pride and exhilaration of Delilah. Sombre weariness is let out in the hauntingly slow and troubled ‘Fill You In’, as the tuneful backing meanders and shudders behind the heart-bearing lyrics;

 “And then the lightning struck right beside my head and a branch fell down and came
   to rest upon my broken legs, and to my surprise the bough began to grow.”

The dreamy nostalgia of ‘Middle Of The Hill’ skips into Americana territory and sees the vocals step up a little to give off a commanding feel. Pyke uses his acoustic guitar as a weapon of calming reflection for ‘Feeding The Wolves’ that rides upon his calming vocal gait and philosophical lyrics, as mind-games are dissected attentively. This mini-album is one of contrast that mingles together a troubled soul with tingling, cushioning instrumentals and calming vocals combine to make Pyke an intriguing prospect.

David Adair

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