KBC Single Launch - Manchester Roadhouse 1.7.06

On occasion, (by that we mean never) a band appears in a guise that matches your personal vision, so much so you want to be that band, selfishly distracting your ability to accept anything less. Unfortunately (for me) the KBC aren’t that band, but fortunately they tentatively toy with a notion of greatness. They do this in the most nonchalant and lackadaisical manner, there’s little swagger, no mouth, and minimal persona, the KBC it seems are destined to be a faceless band, yet they play their instruments with the grace and gusto of seasoned professionals. Bassist Ric Ormerod furiously hammers, and drummer Micheal Brown is fantastic, a frantic rhythm section that comfortably overwhelms. Separated, they are indeed masters of their field, but as a unit they inevitably battle against one another, giving weight to the phrase less is more.  Potentially the KBC are a massive act, latest single ‘Not Any More’ is proof, a perfect slab of pulsing pop gracefully executed by the Preston trio, its part These Animal Men, part EMF and receives a raucous Roadhouse reception. But on the whole tonight the lads fail to sparkle, maybe its cause it’s pushing 1am, maybe it’s the weight of the world cup defeat, whatever the reason The KBC lack momentum.  Its early days and these are still small steps for the KBC and whilst they may not have quite found their path, with Highvoltage backing you can be sure they’re on the right track.

Words / Photos: Daniel Pratley

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