The KBC - Preston Adelphi - 14.7.06

Plucky Preston trio The KBC are going to be huge. Already they've opened for the Strokes at Blackpool's Empress Ballroom, played with the Sunshine Underground and were personally selected to the play the unsigned stage at Glastonbury last year. They're also been featured on the kings of the indie underground, Steve Lamacq, Zane Lowe and Marc Riley.

Back from a European tour which included dates in Austria and a club in a Ibiza called Crash which was organized by their record company High Voltage, the hits to their myspace site have gone into overdrive and this is probably the last time the KBC will play a venue as intimate as the Adelphi so it's refreshing to see these local lads return home delivering the goods to the fans who have supported them since the very beginning of their career.

James Mulholland on vocals is a powerful presence, confident without being over confident and quietly talented. If fame beckons for this band and it's only a matter of time, then dashingly handsome bass player Ric Ormerod with no doubt have the honour of becoming torso of the week in Heat Magazine. You heard it here first, dear loyal readers. Completing the line up is Michael Brown on drums who never once missed a beat.

The KBC love to funk, but it's the kind of funk the Chili Peppers indulge in rather than any Level 42 slap bass indulgences. Add electronic beats, a smidgen of soul and you've got a modern sound with traces of rock, pop and indie. There's dancing at the front of the stage as James lays down some truly remarkable System Of A Down style riffs, so effortlessly. New single "Not Anymore" is KBCs best effort to date, tight, melodic and destined for success (fingers crossed). "Tripping" from last year" and "Sherlock Groove Holmes" are also top quality tunes which may appear on their forthcoming debt album due out late 2006 or early 2007.

The KBC's forty minute set flies by in no time with every single song a potential single. There aren't any unnecessary fillers or muso self indulgence leanings, just a band playing great music with an appreciative audience lapping it up. We'll be hearing a lot more from the KBC, this is just the beginning - mark my words!!!

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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