Forget Britney and Christina, there's a new girl on the block...Kaci!!!. At the tender age of 14 Kaci has full control of her own career and writes most of her own material including this years top 10 smash "Paradise". In January she get set to release of cover of the pop classic "I Think I Love You" so watch out for the poptastic video on your TV screens over the next few weeks. We caught up with Kaci backstage on the Smash Hits Tour to catch up with all the goss.

Q: I believe this is your first time to the UK or at least Manchester. How's it all going?
A: No, its my fourth time although it is my first time to Manchester. I'm coming back next month though in January because my next single "I Think I Love You" is out. Its great though because the audiences are going wild and apart from "Paradise" its the first chance people will have got to see me.

Its such a rush to be able to stand up in front of thousands of fans and sing your songs and have them singing back. Its just so cool!!!

Q: You actually write alot of the songs on the album. Its unusual for a 14yr to have so much control over their career - would you agree?
A: Well yeah, I'm writing and producing as well now. Curb Records has really given me the opportunity to do that so its really special. "Paradise" was latino flavoured pop but the album is actually really diverse and very blessed to be able to put my opinion in. Basically what I wanted the album to be was...do you know when you listen to some CDs and you feel you're listening to the same song over and over again...that's what I don't want my album to sound like. I wanted it to be very diverse and there's rock, R&B, pure pop like "I Think I Love You".

Q: You've had all this success so young. Who do you look up to?
A: I've been singing since I was three. Its nothing new to me and I've always had a passion for singing and I've always wanted this, always dreamed of it...and now its like I'm doing it!!! People that I look up to that inspired me as artists are people like Celine Dion, Judy Garland and Gloria Estafan because those 3 especially were not only great singers and performers but had great personalities as well

Q: Do you get treated any different in your home town after all this success?
A: Its really funny that a lot of the girls who used to make fun of me at school. I remember one time I had this concert in my home town with a huge radio station...like 25,000 people...and all of a sudden all the girls that hated me at school were calling up "we miss you so so much!!!". Like what? No!!!!

Q: Something all the guys will want to know. Is there a Mr Kaci back home?
A: A Mr Kaci...well actually there's not. I'm single and loving it!!!!

Q: Where do you see yourself 10 years down the line?
A: 10 years down the line - 24? I will have had several albums out, hopefully number 1 albums, and dbe doing world tours and the front cover of magazines. I'd really like to have my own businesses...my own record company and clothes line.

Movies? Definitely, I used to act. I had to stop recently because music is my first love. I think musicals would be really fun. It would be fun to do a Harry Potter movie, but I'd like whatever I do to be fun and unexpected.

"I Think I Love You" is out January 2002

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