Kaiser Chiefs - Manchester Academy - 16.4.05

The Kaiser Chiefs were one of the highlights of the recent NME shows at the beginning of the year. They may not have been headlining, but many gig goers who saw the other three bands on the bill were knocked out by this plucky bunch from Leeds. After a couple of hit singles which received constant radio play they're now regular guests on Popworld, Top Of The Pops and CD:UK.

Ricky Wilson managed to injure his ankle at the recent SXSW soiree in Texas, but there's no sign of any wheel chair or crutches this evening for our audacious Yorkshireman. I'd be astonished if anybody in the crowd didn't own a copy of the Kaiser's "Employment" with many of the fans probably knowing the songs better than the band themselves.

"Na Na Na na Naa" is a glorious, madcap song which makes everyone feel glad to be part of a very special night indeed. The band have paid their dues over the last year with non-stop touring and promotion so to see them on such a major level is endearing. The next single "Everyday I Love You Less And Less" is the third of a hatrick of punchy tuneful and deliciously eccentric singles which put a spring in your step. "I Predict A Riot" has become the bands anthem and it's a song the nation has warmed to with it's unusual turn of phrases like I tell thee" and a swaggering confidence that is justified. The whole of the venue is enraptured, but it's only one of many many highlights too numerous to mention.

There's something really likeable about The Kaiser Chiefs, their music, lifestyle and attitude really strikes a chord with people and it's easy to see why after tonight.

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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