Rather than take the Smiths and Joy Division as immediate reference points, Swedish pop band take their props from the moment Bernard Sumner took the mic and New Order were born. A band which mix style with immediate pop sensibilities Duran Duran also spring to mind, but Kamera are forging ahead with their own sound which back home has given them Top 10 smashes and gigs playing in front of 35,000 when they supported Robbie Williams in Stockholm. The band are currently on the verge of signing a major deal in the states and in true pop style we got Carl from Kamera to answer the Designer Magazine Q&A for us.

Q: You grew up in what you described as a living pleasant hell. Could you describe the town you grew up in?
A: It was kind of a middleclass town where we didn't belong. We weren't bullied or anything but we had the need for neon lights and glamour which didn't really exist there.

Q: Were there times it was just so frustrating and boring that you just wanted to take a gun to the towns inhabitants?
A: Kind of...

Q: Stockholm was close by, it must have provided a much need change?
A: True. But Stockholm gets to small too. That's why we want to try our luck in the rest of the world

Q: You found release through "disco" - what was the first record that made  you think there is more to life than this old town?
A: It has got to be "Please" by the Pet Shop Boys. That record has everything! Duran Duran's "Rio" was also very important to us. With the clear mix between disco and pop and of course the escapist lyrics.

Q: Clothing also provided a release. When did you realize you looked cooler than most the people in the town?
A: I don't really think we ever did, or more correct has. We just think that pop music has a very tight relationship with fashion. It has been the case ever since rock was born.

Q: And I guess that's where the name Kamera comes from - the desire to stand out of the pack and be noticed?
A: No, it's just a good name

Q: When Kamera first formed did they sound like they do now?
A: Not at all. We played all different kinds of music. We started out pretty young and been through everything except jazz and country. But we couldn't escape from our destiny: pop!!!

Q: You actually developed the Kamera sound by playing live - a few people would be quite surprised by that due to high production values and the electronica influences?
A: Are they? We use everything live and I think that is the reason why it sounds so spectacular on stage. It took a while though... Before we had the resources to what we wanted live, our sound was more "punk" and I think that is something which comes to it's right live.

Q: Lyrically you take in everything from small town boredom to love - do you try and convey the whole range of human emotions?
A: Maybe. But it has to sound good and keep up with the melodies.

Q: Is it hard to convince people sometimes that there is substance behind the style?
A: Yes! Especially here in Sweden where no-one must be better than the others. We where pretty close to Soviet, remember..?

Q: You've played at various festivals across Europe...when does the UK invasion start?
A: We are not going to play in Europe or the UK now, though we would love to. We've just come home from the U.S where we are in negotiations with a couple of labels. So the focus is on the U.S but we are going to invade you soon. I promise!

Q: And just out of personal interest - where did you get the Pretentious Art School Wanker top you're wearing on the inlay sleeve? Where can we get one from?
A: Ah! J Lukks has made it himself. It looks good doesn't it!? I guess you gotta ask him ...

See ya!

Carl DeLorean - Drums/Kamera

The bands self-titled album is out now in Sweden
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