Kelli Ali - Tigermouth

Imagine the Smell of fresh grass or the ice cream van that only comes on the one day of Summer when it rains. Imagine men in shorts and knee length socks as soon as the sun puts his hat on. Imagine your washing coming out a darker shade of white when the smoke from next doors barbecue happened to head your way. The imagine the soundtrack - not Shaggy or UB40 - but Kelli Ali's "Tigermouth". So typically British, despite the fact it was recorded in LA, and the perfect backdrop to running home in cycling shorts and sleeveless tops because it looked a grand day when you went out that afternoon.

Some of you remember Kelli from her days back in trip-hop band the Sneaker Pimps or maybe you just happened to see her warm up the crowd on Garbage's recent theatre tour. Either way - once seen never forgotten - with a unique cross between alternative icons such PJ Harvey and the wannabe android sex pop kittens. Its safe to say that Kelli has left her trip-hop leanings and the Sneaker Pimps behind her (and after the recent disappointment of the Pimp's "Bloodsport" album its a step in the right direction) and is moving towards a classic songwriting ethic with a touch of drama thrown in for good luck. With the album co-produced and co-written by Rick Knowles and Marius De Vries its certain that what the UK disregards the US snaps up and cherishes. Look at how many people over the past decade have been embraced by the yanks and written off in the UK Press - Lost Prophets and Dido just to name two artist who America have embraced with open arms. Knowles once famous for working with Madonna is now more likely to work with Ronan Keating or Dido, while Vries recently produced the Moulin Rouge Soundtrack.

"Here Comes The Summer" is the most perfect summer soundtrack since Zoe's "Sunshine On A Rainy Day", while "Sunlight In The Rain" would sound perfect over an episode of the Vice. It's the dual personality traits of Ali which really blend to give a unique spin on the adult pop genre - a spin which is often attempted, but rarely works when done by the likes of Natalie Imbruglia. "Fellow Man" has the stamp of Vries written all over it with its dark Twin Peaks vibe and the luscious tones of Ali when she sings "so much beauty in every soul" just has to be listened to and devoured.

"Tigermouth" is a glorious pop album equal parts influenced by David Bowie and Kate Bush and fused with a unique voice in British Music. The only problem is that the British Media has never been held its arms open to female artists with brains and has always discarded them in favour of middle class male art students. Its almost certain that Kelli will find and audience in America, the only hope is that the general public don't leave it to late here in the UK. Buy now with the certainty that your buying a release from one of the best British female artists out there right now.

Alex McCann

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