Kilkus - The Pattern of Self Design"

The popularity of rock and metal continues to go from strength to strength. Green Day, Marilyn Manson and The Offspring are now playing large arenas to thousands of people each night. While the likes of Papa Roach, Wheatus and Limp Bizkit are now on TOTP and who can forget Napalm Death and Slipknot on the recently deceased TFI Friday. Rock music has now become big business and the old stereotypical image of rock fans having long greasy hair, bad acne and studded leather jackets is thankfully a thing of the past.

Kilkus really want to be American - somewhere really cool like New York, Detroit or even better Seattle. However despite sounding like they're from the states Kilkus originate from the less than glamorous Romford in Essex. Like the current crop of rock fans they are the epitome of the slacker generation with short severe haircuts and the latest accessories.

"A.O.C" has an intensity about the vocals and is very rap-rock orientated. It has the typical quite verses / loud chorus with a the voice of angry Essex. "Tears" is a song Raging Speedhorn would love and has the feel of vintage Metallica. While there are squelchy hip hop beats on "The Pattern Of Self Design" the band don't use their style of drum & bass or dance influenced sounds as effectively as Pitchshifter or 28 Days. Pearl Jam is clearly another band Kilkus are influenced by which is typified by "Stand Your Ground" - all scary vocals and angst ridden lyrics. On the rock ballad "No Time For Myself" the band show they aren't afraid to show their sensitive side and in terms of rock ballads its certainly one of the better efforts.

Basically this is rock by numbers. They play competently enough but lack the originality to give them an edge above their contemporaries. Their blatantly obvious influences undermine their own abilities which results in the none-too-difficult to spot identity problem. For a debut album its not that bad and shows promise for the future.

Nicholas Paul Godkin