Killa Kela - 53 Degrees Preston - 30.1.07

Formerly signed to SonyBMG, Killa Kela has now gone the independent route and signed to a much smaller label has given him the artistic freedom he deserves. In 2005 he was picked as one of the new artists to look out for by MTV along with The Kooks and Lady Sovereign, the latter of which he will support next week in London. Recently completing Australian shows with drum and bass guru Goldie and has fans in none other than Pharrell Williams this could be Kela's year

Killa normally has a full band playing with him, but on this tour as support to Plan B he's on his own apart from a a bloke behind on the mixing desk who doesn't stay too long. Make no mistake this is all about Killa Kela, looking not unlike a more chiselled Brian Harvey, Killa demonstrates his skill as a human beatbox. There isn't a sound known to man that Killa cant mimic using only his voice and microphone. Starting off simply with scratching for a warm up the crowd gasp in awe as he beatboxes the drum pattern to Tom's Diner as the crowd respond in unison with the "da da da da" refrain. Suzanne vega would surely appreciate this unique interpretation of her work. Mobile phone lights up throughout the venue recording footage of a man who seemingly make the impossible possible with his vocal dexterity.

I don't know how but Killa Kela can make drum beats and trumpets in a continuous flow. His take on the Renegade Master song and Kelis impersonations are priceless, but it's new single "Reveal Your Innerself" the proves he's a natural rapper as well.

After leaving the ecstatic reaction it's nor the last we seem from this young London talent. For Plan B's encore Killa Kela joins the Forest Gate headliner with the lead rapper from the opening act Example for some hip hop tunes like "Jump Around", freestyling, improvising. Its raw, fresh and the first time it's been done on this tour. We even hear a Plan B version of "Reveal Yourself" with Killa Kela. A great track, but an even better choice would have been "Bizness Woman" already recorded with B, but hey who cares - Kela is the bizness!!!

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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