Killa Kella (XFM Access All April) - Manchester Roadhouse - 12.4.06

When Killa Kella & his entourage leave the stage, someone has to come on and wipe up the moisture that's accumulated on the stage- possibly the sweat dripped by the exhortations of the team during their frenetic performance.

Toughened by extensive touring routine that included a two week stint with the likes of Goldie Lookin Chain (of which they can't remember much, but think it was non-stop laugh)  they know how to win over a crowd that's primarily here to see the main act, in this case the Go! Team.  Kella moves menacingly towards the crowd, bringing the music literally to your face, and the crowd here, react with a sense of enjoyable surprise.

Kella leads from the front, with his human beat box production, recreating the usual scratch & mix sounds, but allying that to creatively interpreted cover versions that veers across different genres, not in a disjointed manner, but cleverly linking things so that everything seems to flow together

Wisely steering clear of just being a novelty one man act, the performance is supported by strings (violin and cello) allowing an intensity and a darkly brooding atmosphere that suits the small Roadhouse area perfectly.

For the finale number "Jawbreaker" fellow rapper Spider Johnson flanks Kella, on one side, Rockwood the other and the resulting three pronged attack is a smouldering, powerful delivery of some sleazy, dirty dub

Great stuff

Ged Camera -

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