Kinesis - Manchester Roadhouse - 8.10.02

You form the band out of the boredom of small town life in Bolton where Fugazi means a new pasta dish. Your lyrics are political manifesto's which inspire devotion from people looking for a reason to wake up in the morning. And then it's taken out of your hands and the real deal's are laid out on the table. Do we sign for a major and reach out to the largest audience possible ala the Clash or the Manics? Or do we do it 100% independently because to sign to a major would be to suck the capitalist corporate cock we fight so hard to destroy? It's something that Kinesis had to decide last month after playing the In The City Unsigned competition and deep down they knew which ever route they took there would be someone waiting to knock them down. Somewhat unsurprisingly they signed to Independiente, a record label which shamefully unleashed Travis on the world but also houses So Solid Crew and rescued Embrace from obscurity. It's also a label which at the same time as allowing it's roster artistic freedom also has the financial backing of Sony to push it's bands to their natural level of success. You could call it the perfect label for Kinesis.

Back in their adopted hometown of Manchester as support for the Beatings it's clear that their four pronged attack over the past 2 months alone has left a somewhat depleated crowd. Still when a support band brings more fans along than the headline band you can see why labels were offering blank cheques in order to get the guys signatures. Like the Manics before them it's hard to see why they have a genuine anger, but songs like ".....And They Obey" and "Everything Destroys Itself" are the most relevant tunes you're likely to hear this year. When bands like the Vines and the White Stripes are held us as icons of a generation you have to wonder where the future lies not only for music, but for this generation. Kinesis are proof that even if it is just political rhetoric that the ability to think and tap the right sources is alive and kicking and while they may not possess the eloquence of other New Wave of New Angry Bands like The (International) Noise Conspiracy or the immediatecy of say Miss Black America they are still the band we've all been waiting for.

Alex McCann

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