King Adora - Vibrate You

Unlike Travis and Coldplay, King Adora aren't the type of band you could take home to meet the parents. They're ;loud. uncompromising, opinionated, brash and outrageous. Their views on anorexia and their consistent scathing attacks on the Dum Dums have courted controversy. They are on a mission to bring back anarchy and debauchery to rock'n'roll without taking any prisoners. Imagine the anger and glamour of early Manics and the spit splattered spirit of the Sex Pistols. "Vibrate You" features all their singles to date and that included the incendiary "Big Isn't Beautiful".

The screaming hysterics of guitarist and singer Matt Browne fits perfectly with the jaunty, goth-like, mean moody and magnificent "Aftertime". This is for punks who know the real meaning of the word. "Whether" is an open invitation to rebel. Its all about being afraid of being yourself and having the god given right to be different. "Supermuffdiver" is a title that needs no explanation "Kiss Kiss Kiss But hold your fire / All my love was my loins desire" says it all on this intensely decadent sexual tale of physical love. There's a change of pace on "Music Takes You" showing King Adora's more pensive and reflective side. The lyrics are beautifully uplifting and moving. Hearing the band playing a ballad makes a change from the usual thrashy punk anthems they specialize in.

"Vibrate You" is this years "Never Mind The Bollocks". Its an assault on your ears certainly but what an exciting noise these Birmingham boys bring. There are influences from Rachel Stamp and make up tips that Kiss would no doubt take note of. After just completing a tour with Queens Of The Stone Age they may only be performing a 25 minute set, but they put in more energy and vitality than more bands have in a lifetime. The same can be said of the album - short, sassy and scintillating.

Nicholas Paul Godkin