King Adora - Manchester Academy - 12.06.01

Fed up of bland, boring, predictable bands all sounding the same, dressing the same with all the excitement of an episode of Heartbeat? Then read on my music loving friends for I bring you news of a band who once seen are definitely not forgotten. They don't sit on stools singing love songs to one another and none of them are ex-soap stars or refugees from Popstars. Forget all you have ever seen, open your eyes, prick up your ears and welcome them into your life.

King Adora are the saviours of wham bam thank you glam. this time next year I predict these feisty young men will be headlining this very venue. Until that fateful day were resigned to the fact that King Adora are the support act to the main turn Queens Of The Stoneage. With his lipstick applied and eye shadow make up Maxi Browne poses, preens and prances the stage like the prima donna drama queen he undoubtedly is. The Nelsta is quite content to stand, playing his guitar looking mean, moody and mysterious. Grinning from ear to ear thrashing behind his drum kit is punk haired tub thumper Dan "Mr Eyebrows" Darbrowski. to the right of the stage Robbie Jesus Grimmit twangs his bass with the cool defiance of Sid Vicious.

Live, King Adora are a more raucous proposition than on their album "Vibrate You". Loud and tuneful with sing-a-long choruses, sleazy lyrics and guitar solo's Slash would be proud to call his own. Taunting the crowd by proclaiming "They threw plastic glasses at us last night in Portsmouth. If you throw anything at us tonight make sure it'll hurt us". Fighting talk if ever i heard it. Thankfully the remainder of the gig has no trace of violence - just a rock'n'roll rollercoaster of a ride. Fast and furious and full of adventure.

With the look and sound of "Generation Terrorists" era Manics they have a dangerous edge lacking in so many bands around today and are one of the most exciting live bands I've witnessed in a long, long time. Miss them at your peril!!!

Nicholas Paul Godkin