Klaxons - 53 Degrees Preston - 10.2.07

Designer Magazine would be forgiven for thinking that the fans have arrived here in fancy dress. The girls are either wearing dayglo outfits or skimpy tops and hotpants and the guys appear to have raided a range of rave clothes from the wardrobes belonging to EMF. One unsightly gentlemen is even wearing a boiler suit. This aint Slipknot dude. These people assembled here at 53 Degrees worship Klaxons like a religious cult twirling their glowsticks with pride. Originally booked to play the much smaller club venue upstairs, but due to phenomenal demand these London boys have upgraded to the larger venue.

Klaxons don't play gigs. They put on shows with flashing lights, strobes and a hunger for performing which many bands nowadays simply cannot muster sadly. The very second Klaxons make their entrance on stage, the reaction is deafening. Whistle are blown, clapping and cheering and the band feed off the applause yet have to dodge the hundreds of glowsticks thrown in the bands direction.

Opening with the riotous "Bouncer" which is more nu metal than new rave, Klaxons bounce around the stage, rockin out in fine fashion. The crowd are insane near the front, moshing for England, throwing beer all over the place, jumping around the lunatics let loose for the entire night. "Atlantis To Interzone" is rock'n'rave with guitars versus techno with sirens and beats like a 21st Century EMF (yes them again). James Righton loves all the attention and adulation, raising his arms in the air. They also do a magical rendition of Grace's "It's Not Over yet", one of the many terrific tracks played tonight off their groundbreaking debut album "Myths Of The Near Future".

Is it pop, rock, rave, dance and techno? Yes and much more besides. Klaxons are the sound of the future with the adrenaline soaked, sweaty feel of a rock gig with the atmosphere of rave 2007 style. They're rougher, more aggressive and raw live than on their album and sure know how to harmonize with effortless glee.

Finishing with "Four Horsemen" with a dance induced party atmosphere Klaxons end a breath taking exhilarating performance on a natural high which is more than Designer Magazine can say about their fans (allegedly)

Nicholas Paul Godkin
Photos: Kirsty Umback www.kirstyumback.com

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