Lady Sovereign

Lady Sovereign came out fighting against the faker Jentina with the cheeky riposte "Sad Ass Stripper". Since then she's released a handful of fantastic British Urban singles that throw ska, punk and grime into the pop with "9 To 5" and "Random". Now the latest Basement Jazz produced "Hoodie" has taken on the national media to show them that this harmless item of clothing is really not worth ranting about - instead of tackle them head on with vitriol she's taken a light hearted romp through Britain. Designer Magazine met a unique voice in the UK urban scene who's fought through sexism and inverted racism to get here.

Q: So is it Lady, Sovereign or Lady Sovereign?
A: You can call me Sov, but my full title is Lady Sovereign

Q: How did you get involved in music?
A: In my bedroom in front of my mirror listening to radio. I used to listen to UK garage on pirate radio. I used to just sit there and write and every time an instrumental came on radio i'd blast out my lyrics. From there I don't how it happened. I started putting 30 second clips of me MC-ing on the internet and people would listen here, there and everywhere and it suddenly started going round who is this Lady Sovereign. Then I met a producer called Medicine and started working with him...and then the major labels started sniffing around me cos everyone was talking about me.

Q: What was your first rhyme you wrote in your bedroom. Can you remember?
A: I don't even wanna remember. It was something really simple and cheesy. Someone's got it somewhere in this world and I don't know who

Q: You're 18 / 19 now, when did you first start?
A: I started when writing when I was like 14 and I got into it properly when I was 15/16.

Q: White / girl - how was it when you first started trying to MC?
A: I got a hard time cos it's the 2 things that you can't was like no you really can't!!! People found it hard to accept me, but I didn't find it hard to accept. The thing was there was always hundreds of people that didn't like me, but there were hundreds of people that did. I did feel the need to prove myself, but I didn't go out of my way just to please everyone. I done what I was doing because I wanted to do it

Q: Earlier in the year you played the MTV Spanking New events where you were labelled one of the best new pop acts, rather than best new urban acts.
A: Both things are shown on TV. It's all exposure, so I don't really care as long as im performing my tunes. Anybody can be flicking through the TV channels regardless of whether it's a pop channel or not.

Q: For people who haven't heard "Random", "9 To 5" or "Hoodie" just yet how would you describe your sound?
A: Upfront, cheeky, very bitchy. The musical sound of things is all genre's of hip-hop, garage, ragga, grime, ska, punk. There's a lot to look forward to when the album drops in September. It's going to be different cos there's so much on the album.

Q: Like a lot of acts we're hearing it's very British, staying true to your roots?
A: Yeah. It's British. I don't put no fake yanky accent on it. There's so many UK acts coming through right now and they're all getting recognized and get the exposure now.

Q: Every time we read about you they always call you the female Mike Skinner
A:'s either the female Eminem or the female Mike Skinner...basically anyone who's white. I don't care who they compare me to. Personally i'm just doing my own thing, I'm Lady Sovereign and there's no-one else out there like me.

Q: Who's the average Lady Sov fan?
A: I've got some fanatics man. On my website forum i've got some nutters. They've all got their little fansites about me and they all stick up for me. They're proper into it, dress up like me. If they see something im wearing in a video they'll find it as soon as it comes out, take a picture of themselves and post it on the website. It's scary - it's like some mad stalkers and shit!!

I wear a lot of Adidas all the time and dress how I dress. I get called a chav all the time, but f**k it. I'm the Queen Chav apparently, but i've one sovereign and one chain. You see some girls that have 4 rings on one finger and im the one that's called the notorious chav. Let people talk, it's all good. Oh, and apparently im Sporty Spice's sister as well.

Q: You gonna have a failed rock career in a few years then
A: (Laughs) Me and Mel C with collaborate...not!!

"Hoodie" is out on Nov 21st with the album to follow soon
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