Ladyfuzz - Kerfuffle

Trashy and punchy garage rock/indie backdrops wrap around the slightly gruff and punchy vocals of Liz Neumayr to give the whirlwind effect to many of the short, but flashy numbers. Liz bends her vocals to produce a mean and slightly aggressive near-screech to touch toes with Queen Adreena and Regina Spektor, in ‘Monster’ and ‘The Man with the Monochrome View’. At other times, she has a polished and crisp Ladytron and Client range to make you groove, such as ‘Bouncy Ball’. Quite often it is a The Broken Social Scene backing range helping the elastic voiced provocateur roam free.

The self-pitying lyrics are pinned into your mind in ‘Staple Gun’;

“I make pretend, I’m so strong and I know where I’m going wrong,
 but maybe if I pretend real long and if I tell everyone that I’m so strong.
 And they believe me;
 I put my heart back together with a staple gun.”

Soulful male “aahhhuuumming”, provides a sweet paradox for the woe wrecked main vocals. This New Cross formed, but Berlin famed three pack delivers to you their brand of electro/fuzz funk, with brazen cooing and provocative raunchiness of the Karen-O ilk in ‘Oh Marie!’. The stammering ‘Immer Diese Liebe’ grabs the thrusting chorus of Franz Ferdinand’s ‘Darts Of Pleasure’ and cruises off from it with salaciousness. Ladyfuzz’s cosmopolitan sound offers up a tempting platter for those who like to give life a shake up every now and then.

David Adair

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