Liam Frost - Manchester Star & Garter - 17.6.05

Exposing yourself musically by taking the stage with only a guitar to hide behind is a brave move, especially when the singer/songwriter area  is currently so heavily populated with the likes of Stephen Fretwell, Sam Hammond etc., but Frost takes to the stage with an air of quite confidence.

With the spotlight only half covering his face, the resultant shadows provide an enigmatic feel to the performance, and the audience duly display their respects by the attention and silence they afford him

His lyrical bite is evident and attractive "Tied to a brick with cement in your shoes" and his voice ranges from the cracked ache of emotion that delivers such lines as "All of your secrets still haunt me" to a smoother, story teller type of delivery.

High though the talent and quality control is, that's seldom a good enough justification to propel someone onwards and upwards to reap the rewards that it deserves.   And that's what may ultimately hold back Frost.

It's understood that Frost is frequently supported by musical accompaniments such as violins etc. to add more weight and diversity to the display and also to make the occasion stand out from the competition.

One wonders what is it is that will take Frost forward beyond the home town support that is here tonight, and on to the greater recognition of his ability

Ged Camera

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