So far they've been known as "the five that didn't make it", but over the past few weeks we've been hearing whispers of "pissing all over Hear'say" or "Hear'say, my arse!!!!!". I think its a pretty safe to say that while Hear'say will disappear back into the realms of obscurity (Noel excepted of course) Liberty will still be with us for the foreseeable future. We got on the blower to Northern Lass Jessica to find out what happened since their run in with Nasty Nigel and how hooking up with The Artful Dodger and The Dreem Team wipes the floor with cliched pap.

Q: The singles out today. It must be mad looking over the past 12 months?
A: Its been a bit of whirlwind really and were just chuffed to bits that were releasing something now. And its something that we've had a hand in writing so were just keeping our fingers crossed that it does well. What's really weird is seeing your name up on a Poster and it will be even stranger when we get time to go in a record shop and see our single on the racks.

Q: Looking back at the whole Popstars thing. When you see how Hear'say have allegedly been pushed around are you glad you didn't make it into the final 5?
A: Well I don't know if its true about Hear'say being pushed around. I know they've got their own minds and I can't really comment on how they've been treated. But I know we've been really lucky in the sense that we've been able to do things our own way. Certainly with hindsight its definitely a good thing that we didn't get through - we've ended up being able to write our own songs and have been able to have a say in everything we do.

Q: Did you do the whole auditions circuit before the Popstars show?
A: Well that was the first pop audition I'd been to, before that the auditions I'd always been for were for the theatre. My experience before had always been on stage in musicals and things like that.

Q: Obviously after the show you took a bit of time out of the limelight. It must have taken the pressure of things quite a lot?
A: We kind of just wanted to take a step out of the whole media circus that was going on around Popstars. At that time everyone knew we'd just been on a TV show and what we were really interested in was making music - it wasn't about being famous as TV stars!!!

We just wanted time out to develop as a band and get our act together properly. We didn't want to ride the wave of Popstars that was going on.

Q: Do you know what's happened to the other characters on Popstars?
A: I believe Darius has auditioned for Pop Idols and Warren has done really well. He's signed to Def Jam over in America and Claire Freeland had her solo single out.

Q: The Liberty sound is different from your standard pop acts. How did you get involved with Pete from Artful dodger?
A: We were watch a TV show which had Pete from the Artful Dodger and Michelle Escofree and they were asked about the whole Popstars experience and he thought the 5 that didn't make it were really talented. Kelli had the idea that he may want to work with us and in a dream world management got in contact and he said "Yes". Kelli and Tony wrote it based on a Spanish guitar loop and 2 step beat he sent us over. We've also ended up writing a track with Michelle and K-Gee as well so its really weird that they were both on MTV.

We definitely consider ourselves to be a pop band. But the songs that we've been writing and the tracks that we've been sent have all been quite edgy - maybe an R&B flavour and as everyone know the first one is Garage. Its cool though that were making music that people our own age can listen to as well.

"Thinking It Over" is out now on V2 Records