Little Man Tate - 53 Degrees Preston - 3.5.06

With the attention grabbing poster plastered inside the venue which reads "tipped as the next Arctic Monkeys!!!" Little Man Tate (named after Jodie Fosters debut directional movie film fans) do indeed hail from the steel Sheffield and their debut single "The Agent" was the second fastest selling debut of all time, narrowly beaten by unpredictably The Arctic Monkeys, but here I feel the comparison ends. While both bands write from personal experiences they both have a unique individuality.

Coming on to an indie crowd pleasing "Sheriff Fatman" by Carter USM, Little Man Tate bounce on with utmost urgency with permanently grinning frontman Job Windle putting me in mind of a council estate Shakin Stevens. Never before has such a gregarious chap been so pleased to be performing with his band. Overwhelmed by the encouraging response from their fans they can't believe that the crowd know the words to each and every song. Mixing Kaiser Chiefs style jovial singalongs with Franz Ferdinands wiry urgency with lyrics brimming with observational wit and lyrical invention. Windle even expressed himself wonderfully with hand movements not seen since the mighty Jarvis Cocker while guitarist Maz is quietly brilliant, not over indulging content to let his considerable talent speak for itself.

With the buzz from internet downloads, word of mouth and late night radio the venues rammed. "Man I Hate Your Band" is a tirade on the falseness of the music industry, venting frustration on the talentless groups who are more concerned with image than actual ability. New single "What? What You Got" carries on with the seemingly endless supply of quality tuneage, in fact every song played tonight oozes single potential from Little Man Tate. When an inflatable sheep is jokingly thrown on stage, Windle just joins in with the fun, his smile still there despite sounding in his own words like Phylis from Coronation Street as his voice becomes increasingly throatier, but he carries on like a trooper, going to perform the self explanatory "Teenager Up The Duff" and the lustful "This Girl Aint My Girlfriend"

After 50 minutes of melodic, indie pop rock with edge, Little Man Tate leave an audience aghast after an unforgettable performance which had me bouncing along, amazed at how great Little Man Tate really are!!!

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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