Little'ans - Manchester Jabez Clegg - 8.12.05

The brooding, sonorous, drum beat of opening number "Ultimatum" provides a promising start to the Littl'ans gig.
It's been a hectic couple of  months for the Little'ans, what with bedding in a new bass guitarist, having chart hits (the Pete Docherty assisted “Their Way”) etc., touring (and getting arrested) with the Babyshambles side show etc., so the band are getting back to focusing on some low key touring, headlining in their own right, and just playing the music they like.

Banter between numbers is kept to a minimum, but that doesn’t mean the set is a sombre affair. Front man Andrew Adeling’s.dead pan style of vocal delivery, still allows a wry smile to crease the corners of his mouth, especially when the crowd are dancing in front of him, which they do tonight. The five piece, compromising of drums, two guitarist, bass and tambourine shaker manage to avoid falling into a sub `Shambles dirge, and even slip some Cajun style guitar  variations into their  efficiently delivered set that contains neatly delivered lines   ("I've done something quite terrible/I've told the truth")  which border on the right side of pretentiousness

Ged Camera -

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