Llama Farmers / Biffy Clyro / The Cardinals

Its a rainy Tuesday night and I'm knackered. The sort of night you just want to sit back, watch some mind numbingly boring soap and have an early night. But it all seems worth the rain and sleet when I walk in and see one of Manchester's finest unsigned bands - The Cardinals. With an average age of about 20 the guys have talent beyond their years and its certain that if they don't achieve commercial success in this line up they will find it somewhere else. Almost a breed of the Northwest's favourite acts we get touches of the Roses, the Verve and the Smiths - and if the music wasn't enough they put on a performance that would shame the shoe gazing of Coldplay and all. You haven't heard of them yet. Trust me you will do soon.

Next up are the new signing to Beggars, Biffy Clyro. The name conjures up images of Welsh Wizards in a Gorkies vein - which is a good thing. Instead we get a cross between Teenage Club and Nirvana - which is a bad thing. While being on the edge of something amazing you can't help get the feeling that had they been locked in the basement for a little longer they could actually have achieved this. By this time next year they will release an critically acclaimed album and for what? For people who saw them supporting the Llama Farmers to say "weren't they that shit band we ignored".

Finally after numerous technical problems the Llama Farmers hit the stage. You never know what you're going to get with these guys. Its like a lottery trust me. I've seen them 4 times over the past year and they range from very very bad to very very good - But its rock & roll and we like it!!! Tonight they fall somewhere in the middle and that's all I have to say. All you pesky indie kids know the songs, you all have crushes on one of the siblings and you all know that by the time they release the next album they'll be cover stars. So apart from several unintentional comedy moments arising from the sound problems it was just another Llama Farmers show.

Alex McCann