Lo-Fidelity Allstars – Liverpool Lomax – 19.04.02

There's a dark psychosis that underpins The Lo-Fidelity Allstars’ big beat madness.  With the departure of the Wrekked Train, the Lo-Fi’s vocalist and lyrical architect, and keyboard player Sheriff John Stone back in ’98, a tactical regroup was required, punctuated only by their On The Floor At The Boutique mix album.  But now – they're back.  The biggest selling British band in America of 1999 return to break like bad acid over an unsuspecting youth.

By the time ‘Disco Machine Gun’ reaches its zenith, there are about 15 people on the stage (including comedy acid-baggy support ‘Olympic Lift’), the crowd are in various states of dehydration and limb-dislocation, and one particularly mad looking bloke is foaming at the mouth.  With vocal duties now being shared out amongst the band, there is an added air of variety to replace the Wrekked Train's anarchic but monotonous monologues.  And whilst the spirit is gone, the party goes on, oblivious to the fact that the main protagonist has already left the building.  This is what the Lo-Fi’s inspire: anarchy and an ability to gurn and groove like only a post-punk big beat band can.  The soundtrack to any good Friday night.

When Judgement Day comes, the Four Black Horsemen will be decked out in ripped jeans, safety pins and baggy pants, and they'll be riding dirty great motorbikes.  They'll all be wasted on acid, with a big mother of a ghetto-blaster, bumping out ‘Don't Be Afraid Of Love’ to all the lost souls who are unfortunate enough to be off to be spending the next 50 kazillion years in hell. Welcome to the end of the world.

Collen Chandler

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