Lost Prophets - The Fake Sound Of Progress

There seems to be a real Radiohead vibe going on here. I don't mean in a Muse or Coldplay sweeping generalization, but more in the way the band simultaneously embrace new technology and loathe the effect it has on modern society and effectively the future of planet earth. It makes for, at times, a disturbing collision of the analogue and the digital in a post modern landscape of scientific gene modification and raging anti capitalism.

Pushing the envelopes open to encounter new sounds and ideas is the inspiration behind the six piece Lost Prophets. A beat collective meets a crunching metal band over a setting sun and the rest is history. Imagine when you first read about Mansun and then forget the first time you heard them. Lost Prophets walk it like they talk it and will never let you down for the simple reason that they couldn't live with themselves if they failed to meet their own high expectations.

Each song from the opening "Shinobi Vs Dragon Ninja" to the closing "Ode to Summer" metamorphous like "Paranoid Android" on speed. If there is any justice in this world the Lost Prophets will succeed and have a sell out UK tour by the years end. With the success of a safe and radio friendly alternative, from Coldplay to Papa Roach, it won't be long before the musical revolutionaries start to fight back. This band are an essential part of that revolution. Get on board.

Alex McCann