It's one of those categories that gets endlessly debated when it comes to the Best Of 200X Issue, and last year opposition was so strong that we decided to scrap it all together, but after a year of pure debauchery there was no way the Sexiest Male and Sexiest Female categories were going to go untouched. It was only in November we last spoke to the Prophets so as the band were in the den of inequity that is the city of Amsterdam, Ian returned our call and we quizzed him about his sex life for 20 minutes. (NB: The full Best Of 2003 Results are accessible from the main page with a full interview about the new Lostprophets album in the November 2003 archives)

Q: I'm just calling to let you know you're up there in the Top 3 Sexiest Male category alongside Johnny Depp and Christian Ronaldo from Man United. Are you feeling pretty sexy right now?
A: That's alright that is. In fact it's f**king wicked. I don't know about Ronaldo, he's the Brazilian guy isn't he, the goofy one (Ed: Well no - we had to inform Ian at this point he was in fact the United player of the same surname). Oh well, I haven't seen him so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. But you can't f**k with Depp though, I doth my cap to Depp. I get on my knees and applaud Depp.

Q: So apart from yourself who would you vote for in the Sexiest Male Category?
A: Depp would be number 1 definitely. Orlando Bloome's pretty smooth. You've gotta have Pitt in there, he's a good looking guy. Beckham's alright, he can smooth now and again. He can pull it off, but he looks weird with his long hair.

Q: In the Sexiest Female category we've got Alesha Misteeq, Alex Parks from Fame Academy and Brodie Dalle from The Distillers. What you thinking?
A: Alesha - definitely. What is it she raps in that song? (Puts on Welsh come Jamaican accent) - One Time, Two Time, Lets Go!!! That's f**king funny - I just interrupted Jamie's television to ask him a question about Misteeq.

Alex Parks....Oh f*ck No. Hell No. She reminds me of a weasel. No offence, but I just don't like weasels. I guess she's not my type. And Brodie Dalle - well, I'm not into skag heads.

Q: Which ladies would you put in your Top 3?
A: I'd have Paris Hilton in there definitely. I haven't seen the video though cos I heard about it and then I was told it was night vision and I kind of lost interest. And Keira Nightly we'd have to have in there as well.

Q: What's your idea of sexy then?
A: Eyes. Everything. They've got to have the complete package. If they've got a good body, sultry eyes, nice lips, a cute little nose. Just what anyone find sexy.

Q: Were going to ask you a few intimate questions now as seen as your our male spokesman for the Sexiest Male category. It starts off easy and gets more and more intimate. Easy one for starters - best and worst chat up lines?
A: I know it sounds as cheesy as f**k, but I'm always too scared to go and chat up girls so I don't bother. I wait for them to come to me and if they don't whatever. If I do go up and chat to a girls its the usual what you doin? Cool. But it very very rarely happens because it is the ultimate male fear of rejection and the only way guys get over that is by being absolutely drunk out of their minds and then going "Alright love, wanna shag". But to do it sober and then get blown out is a big thing yer know.

Q: The best and worst chat up lines women have used on you?
A: Women can use anything, guys are stupid and most guys think with their dicks anyway. Girls can come up to you and say anything and if they're vaguely attractive they're in there. The girls favourite is do you have a light or do you have the time - just really subtle ones like that.

Q: When you've been single have you ever slept with a fan?
A: No. Our fans are just a little bit too young and it's a weird thing then. I think if you're a bigger band you can get older fans then. Aerosmith get all ages so they can pick and choose. It's our ambition to run the whole gammut of ages.

Q: What's the strangest place you've had sex in?
A: A toilet. The mile high club is another myth I just don't believe, because whenever were on flights the air hostesses never talk to us, or the only ones that do are not that attractive. I remember when we were on a flight back from LA, me and Jamie talking to this one and she was telling us about the beds they have in the back for the air hostesses and Jamie was so close to going "can I see it then".

Q: Who gets the most in the band?
A: Lee gets the most attention because of his pretty blue eyes. And being a frontman you get it anyway because you're the singer. It's pretty evenly split with us - all the guys have got their admirers.

Q: Have you ever had a threesome with a member of the band?
A: No. It's one think I've never done, which being in a rock band is pretty disappointing.

Q: Have you ever slept with another rockstar or celeb?
A: That's another thing I haven't done. I always wonder what it would be like, whether it would be interesting. You'd think all the time we were in LA something would have happened - I don't think were that big yet but speak to me in a year.

Q: Getting to travel round the world you get to meet lots of different people. Sexiest accent and sexiest nation?
A: I think Sexiest Nation, and it's gonna sound cheesy plus it's not so much a nation it's a state, but California. California girls just look after themselves if you know what I mean. They're all very trimmed, shaved and just very healthy. Some girls just don't give a f**k which is cool if that's what you're into, but I like girls who look after themselves. Even though that may sound like a chauvinist thing it's my personal choice and if you're into something else whatever. Accent wise I've always thought the Italian and Spanish accents are sexy.

Q: What about the Welsh accent - I know people who love it?
A: When we speak we don't hear it, but when I hear my voice back I think I sound like a retard.

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