Love Music Hate Racism

Just over a month ago we were talking to political artist Billy Bragg about the lack of political music in the UK. His response was "If you're looking for political music in the UK, you need look no further than Ms Dynamite". At Love Music Hate Racism in Manchester's Platt Field's they share the same stage bringing together Black, White and Asian musical talent together in a show of Unity against the rise of the far right.

The event was originally supposed to be held in Burnley, until the town's Labour run council decided that an Anti-Racist event was not the sort of thing they should be promoting. On the other hand the BNP's letter dropping campaign in the town just over a year ago resulted in the worst race riots for over 20 years is still tolerated perhaps aided by the fact that Burnley has three BNP councillors amongst them.

Headlining the main stage is UK Garage turned R&B superstar Ms Dynamite. The flip side to the ghetto fabulous bling bling of So Solid Crew. Dynamite is backed up by Manc guitar heroes Doves, The Shining, Rodney P, Billy Bragg, Miss Black America, Sona Fariq. The second stage is headlined by Phi-Life Cypher and Heartless Crew backed by the cream of Urban talent.

Prior to the main event is a march starting at 11 am from Manchester Town Hall taking you through to Platt Field's Park. With all eyes on the City this is the one chance we have to show the Nazi's what we really think of them. So let's step outside our own little world and look at the bigger picture.

Although the event is free, you may be asked for a donation on the site. Taking into account you would have to pay at least £15 to see either of the headline acts, please give generously in the knowledge that you are aiding a good cause.

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Love Music Hate Racism - Running Order

If you want to show a real face of unity against the BNP, National Front and other Far Right Organisation make every effort to join in on the March from Manchester Town Hall (Albert Square) at 11am which will take you directly to Platt Fields Park in time for the first band. The event is expected to end at approximately 8pm enabling you to make all transport links throughout the city.

Main Stage
Sona Fariq
Miss Black America
Billy Bragg
Rodney P & Skitz
The Shining
Ms Dynamite

Second Stage
Moorish Delta 7
DJ Woody/Krispy
Killa Kela & Normski
Out da Ville
MC HardKaur
Wesley J & Sharkey P
Heartless Crew
Phi-Life Cypher

Dance Marquee
with live video mixing from VJ Funkcutter
Bigga Fish DJs/MCs
DJ Asha & MC Chickaboo
Daze & Sappo
Nicky Blackmarket & MC Foxy
Bobby Friction & Juttla
Shortee Blitz
Roots Ting